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  • 19 Apr 2013 10:42 PM | Deleted user

    Solicitor Dale Walker of Kent firm Dale R Walker is one of eight men to have been charged by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with conspiracy to defraud contrary to common law. 


  • 17 Apr 2013 10:43 PM | Deleted user

    They were travelling through border controls at Dover Eastern Docks when they were searched by a police officer. 


  • 05 Apr 2013 10:44 PM | Deleted user

    Five out of 23 European countries reported an increase in card-skimming devices attached to transport ticket machines, according to new research. 


  • 04 Apr 2013 10:46 PM | Deleted user

    On 1 April 2013 the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) became responsible for the prudential regulation and supervision of banks, building societies, credit unions, insurers and major investment firms. In total the PRA regulates around 1,700 financial firms. 


  • 04 Apr 2013 10:46 PM | Deleted user

    The FCA will regulate the financial services industry in the UK. Their aim is to protect consumers, ensure their industry remains stable and promote healthy competition between financial services providers. 


  • 04 Apr 2013 10:45 PM | Deleted user

    Fred Goodwin and his former entourage at Royal Bank of Scotland have been served with a £4bn lawsuit by shareholders.


  • 28 Mar 2013 10:48 PM | Deleted user

    Ian James Dickinson has today been sentenced to five years at Chelmsford Crown Court for a fraudulent foreign exchange investment scheme. Over nearly five years, Dickinson defrauded investors of around £3 million. 


  • 26 Mar 2013 10:59 PM | Deleted user

    A bankrupt stockbroker who defrauded millions of pounds from some of Britain's shrewdest business people has been ordered to pay a nominal £1 fee. 


  • 24 Mar 2013 11:00 PM | Deleted user

    TWO men accused of fraud covered their tracks by creating a “sham” agreement, a jury heard. Nigel Horn, 58, and Mark Woodbridge, 42, are on trial for conspiracy to defraud the shareholders of the software firm Torex Retail. 



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